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We want to help make this Canada Day extra special… so what if it’s a little different than other years! Brighten your place, spend time with loved ones, and spread joy in the neighborhood by trying some of the unique and memorable ideas from our list below. And remember to join us for the spectacular virtual fireworks using the snapd HUB app to celebrate together even while we’re apart!.

  • Start your day with the ultimate maple-infused breakfast

    There are very few things that aren’t made better with maple (think butter, bacon, brie… we could keep on going!). We’ve curated some ideas here that have passed our taste test and we think are a great way to start your holiday (courtesy of recipe.com).

  • Create a Tiny Shoes Memorial on Your Porch, Lawn, Balcony...

    The word triumph suggests victory and is often used in the context of overcoming adversity. We selected this theme for our virtual fireworks given the difficult year we have collectively faced due to the pandemic and the brighter future ahead. However, there is a deeper tragedy that we wish to acknowledge, namely the thousands of children who were sent to residential schools and those who never returned. This Canada Day, consider creating a tiny shoes memorial of your own to honour these precious lives and bring focus to a longstanding injustice that our nation must overcome.

  • Enjoy O Canada by Walk off the Earth

    Using the sounds created from the delicious ketchup and the bottles it comes in, French’s® partnered with Walk off the Earth, a music group from Burlington, Ontario, to make an original version of O Canada. This take is intended to uplift and inspire each other from coast to coast while celebrating this national holiday - including supporting local brands and bands.

  • The Hand Flag Challenge

    Gather some paper and canvas from the dollar store, draw and paint the red side panels of your flag leaving an empty space where the Maple Leaf usually goes. Pour some paint onto a paper plate and have your kids dip their hand into the paint. Let the excess paint drip off and lightly press their hand onto the paper or canvas where the Maple leaf would usually go. Voila! It’s Canadian, it’s patriotic and you never get 2 of the same design!

  • More Canada Day-Inspired Recipes from French’s®

    French’s® Ketchup, with its heritage of being made with 100 percent locally-sourced tomatoes grown, blended and bottled right here in Canada, has assembled a list of fantastic recipes for every palette. From BBQ Jackfruit Sliders to Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf, check them all out at http://frenchs.ca/canadaday

  • Create a Canadian Music Playlist as the Soundtrack for Your Holiday

    We canvassed the snapd team to share some of their favourite Canadian tunes. Check out the suggestions to help you create the perfect soundtrack for the holiday. Download Song List (pdf)

  • Penny Hockey Tournament (with popsicle stick “sticks”)

    Take Popsicle sticks and carefully cut 2cm off the bottom of 1 end of. Add a dab of glue onto the cut end and rotate it 90 degrees gluing it to the remaining portion of the Popsicle stick (to resemble a real hockey stick). Use markers, paint and tape to decorate the stick and let dry. Use some tape to mark out goal posts at either side of the kitchen table then position yourself against an opponent. Use a dime or penny as a puck and may the best Canadian win!

  • Relive Great Sports Moments with Canadian Icons

    Take a break from all the activities and watch Canadian legends share their favorite sports memories. And while you’re at it, why not share your favorite Canadian Sports Moment… a moment that made you proud to be Canadian. Use the hashtag MyCanadianMoment and share your story on social media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) for a chance to win great prizes. Check out all the videos @ MyCanadianMoment.com

  • Paper Bag Puppets

    Get the kids creating a zoo of animal hand puppets from brown paper bags and colored paper. Find cartoon images online of Canadian animals like the beaver, moose, or even geese and create funny animal faces on paper. Once complete, glue them to the outside of brown paper lunch bags. Encourage your kids to put together a family puppet show for the adults when they’re through

  • Canadian Themed Virtual Art Show

    Set the family on an artistic journey of discovery. Have them research great Canadian Artists like Tom Thomson, members of the Group of Seven, Emily Carr, Alex Colville or Jack Bush. Have them choose their favorites then set them free to explore their own unique style. Let someone paint, another sculpt, another family member can use photography or even video. The rules are simple: all themes are inspired by Canada. Take pictures of their work and create a Canadian Virtual Art Tour on social media to share with friends and family.

  • Decorate your lawn with maple leaves using a stencil and a little flour

    Here’s a quick, safe and temporary way to turn your lawn into a patriotic piece of art. Create stencils of a maple leaf in a few different sizes. Place the stencil on the lawn and spray the opening of the stencil with some water. Sift flour in the stencil and move to the next spot. And voila – a maple leaf lawn for Canada Day!

  • Canadiana Scavenger House Hunt

    We’ve put together a unique scavenger hunt inspired by the provinces and territories to do with your family this Canada Day. Search around your home for the various items (or inspired alternatives) and see who will be the first to complete the challenge! Be sure to share your pictures using the snapd HUB app (look for the event, Thriving at Home). Download Scavenger Hunt (pdf)

  • Create red ice cubes to add some Canadiana flare to your drinks

    We have a few suggestions to make festive cubes for your holiday beverages. Our personal favorite is freezing cranberry juice in place of water and adding them to club soda or any other clear drink. Another idea is to add raspberries or pomegranate to the water in the ice tray for more subtle flavor.

  • Take the chalk art challenge

    Turn your driveway or fence into a work of art with Canadian-inspired drawings and words of encouragement. And remember to share your pictures with us in the snapd HUB or on social media (#getsnapd) so we can spread the joy as well.

  • Take the Canada Trivia Challenge

    So you know Canada’s birthday is July 1st – that’s a good start! But how well do you know this great country we call home? Take a crack at our trivia challenge to see how many of the quirky facts you get right. Download Trivia Challenge (pdf)