collaborative community calendar

Have the Collaborative Community Calendar added to your website and get your event seen by thousands of more people!

By using the same Collaborative Calendar, a community works smarter with one another. It helps to ensure an organization doesn’t book their event on the same day as someone else; and it allows event organizers to work together helping to sell more tickets, increase event participation, raise more money and build awareness for their events and their brand.


The Collaborative Community Calendar allows you to:


  • Enter all of your organization’s events with ease and have them displayed on multiple community websites with only 1 event submission
  • It can prioritize or hide specific events…
  • …and gives your website visitors access to see every community event
  • You can invite related organizations, businesses, and friends to prioritize your events on their calendar
  • AND you can even brand the calendar with your own colour and logo

Get the entire community working for you and sign up for the Collaborative Community Calendar!