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We’ve donated over $1 billion in positive PR to local businesses and organizations! We’ve created thousands of effective marketing campaigns! So come join one of our FREE online Business Webinars and help grow your business/organization. We know you’ve been busy, when you have a minute check out some of the previous webinars that you may have missed.


Building a More Effective Business

91% of the community wants to support local businesses that sponsor events or “give back” to the community (*snapd marketing survey 2016). In this talk, learn how to effectively set up a 2-Tiered marketing strategy that promotes not only your goods and services but also you and your business/organization’s reputation. Walk through the responsibilities of your marketing partner and how to run through an easy analysis of your own business to see what you’re missing.

Building Better Ads

How can you effectively catch someone’s attention in a second? How can you take old creative and inject life back into it? How can you be sure that your “professional” marketing experts are actually building you ads that work? Check out this talk which turns any ad amateur into an expert in minutes.

Creating & Marketing your event with Social Media

Learn how to use social media to sell more tickets and get more people to your events!

How to Increase Event Attendance & Ticket Sales

Using online ticketing is one thing, ensuring you sell tickets is another. Run through a fool proof check-list on everything you need to do to ensure you sell out your event. More tickets = more money and less last minute planning!

The Benefits of Online Ticketing

Sell tickets faster with less effort, manage your event attendees and sales reports with the click of a button, develop a strong social media strategy behind your event, build a database of fans making sales even easier in the future, and use snapd to actually sell your tickets for you!

Using Contests Effectively on Social Media

Now that you’re a social media user, and you’ve integrated it into your business growth plan, start getting creative! Discover how starting an online contest can offer incentive to get followers and create a Raving Fan culture with your business.

What Makes a Good Website?

Is your website a dumping ground for information? Does your landing page speak to every potential client type you need to reach? Does the site actually help you generate business and make life easier for you? Hear from one of snapd’s top web developers who showcases some simple techniques to analyzing your own website and ensuring you’re up to date with the latest online trends.

What Social Media Platform Should You Use?

Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Who knows! 15% of local businesses still don’t use (or don’t know how to use) social media to help grow their business. snapd’s resident social media expert helps you decide which platform is right for you for the various ideas and campaigns you’ve created.

Why use Video?

Adding videos to your campaign will help your clients/fans retain more of your message, get more engaged on your web pages/social media and develop an overall better grasp of what you do and need from them. Learn how to implement simple video into your marketing strategy by the snapd Video department made up of former Television Broadcasting professionals.