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Marketing experts encourage us to do more than just “sell” products and services to our community. By “giving back” and creating events (for charity, awareness or education) you can do several things: build a better reputation in the community, contribute to building a better place to live (and get credit for it), retain good employees (they respect employers that do good), and facilitate a casual atmosphere for like-minded people to network with one another.


social media & your event

Creating & Marketing your event using Social Media
Effective Social Media ideas
  • Profile an employee: shout out/bio/anniversary: Let your followers know they’re dealing with real people.
  • Fan of the month: Acknowledge your brand ambassadors and let them know they’re appreciated.
  • Latest company news: Anything changing in your business? New employee? New hours of operation? New product offering?
  • Player Profiles:  “Hi I’m Chris and I play goalie for the Cobourg Kodiaks, come cheer us on and support your local team!”
  • Owner profiles
  • Get your employees to guest post: Have your employees take turns posting a ‘fun fact’ on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Start a conversation with an industry leader: Tag or mention an industry guru in a post.
  • Post a branded image: Post a funny or inspirational image with your logo or website URL on it.
  • Infographics: Find an infographic your followers would appreciate.
  • Education: Rules, fun facts about industry
  • Ask for input on your products, reviews, testimonials: Your followers will love giving their thoughts on how to improve your products.
  • Post a video testimonial: Share a video review; or better yet, ask your social media followers to submit their own video testimonials.
  • Awards or accolades you’ve received: Just do this carefully…the idea is to build trust, not to brag.
  • Post a link to an old blog post: There’s nothing wrong with recycling, and old posts will gain new engagement, extending their life.
  • Sponsor profiles/events: “Hi I’m Dan from Nissan and we’re super excited to help bring you the 1st season, make sure to grab at least 1 set of tickets to support this awesome team!”
  • Share breaking industry news: Stay on stop of what’s going on in your industry or niche by using Google Alerts.
  • Share pictures from a recent industry event: Don’t forget to use the event hashtag for maximum exposure.
  • Product photos: Work best on sites like Pinterest or Instagram. Think about how you can add a unique angle to the shots (e.g. an employee actually using the product, a customer-submitted photo, etc.)
  • Hold a flash sale: Use Snapchat to offer a limited-time coupon
  • Offer a sneak peek: Whet your fans’ appetites by showing a sneak peek of an upcoming blog post, contest or product launch.
  • Post a creative or unexpected use for your product: Be sure to also ask your fans for ideas
  • Promote a free download: recipe/advice/blog etc: This could be a plugin, white paper, e-book or anything else that would be useful for your audience.
  • A day in the life post: Give a recap of a typical day in the life of a graphic designer, author, CEO, etc.
  • Random posts that show you’re a real person: For instance, a restaurant you ate at that you recommend.
  • Tell a story: Share a funny or interesting anecdote from your life.
  • Share an opinion: Your followers want to know you stand for something; don’t be afraid to take sides on an issue but keep out of local politics.
  • Share a helpful resource: If you’re truly concerned about sharing the most useful info with your followers, don’t be afraid to direct them to other people’s valuable content (not just your own).
  • Share your own tips: Periodically post a random tip or trick your followers would find useful.
  • Share a work/life balance tip: Your social media followers want to know you’re a real person with the same struggles as them. Share a tip you’ve learned for balancing work, life and family.
  • Offer expert insights into a topic: This helps establish you as a thought leader in your field.
  • Take a trip down memory lane: Share photos of old logos, websites or your very first product.
  • Photos that have nothing to do with your products or business: Show that you have other interests in the community.
  • Provide a recommendation: Share the love by recommending a business you’ve worked with successfully in the past.
  • Behind-the-scenes photos: Take candid shots of yourself, your employees, or snap a shot of your office or workspace.
  • Post a photo collage: A tool like PicMonkey can help you create one.
  • Fan photos: Search for hashtags related to your business or products, and share a customer photo on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.
  • Hold a photo contest: Ask for photo submissions and then get your fans to vote. Share the winning photos, too!
  • Hold a giveaway: This can be as simple as asking your fans or followers to comment to enter.
  • Do a post series: We do this on our blogs, why not on social media? Share a series of similar posts over a certain number of days.
  • Fill-in-the-blank posts: e.g. “If I had $1 million I would _________”
  • Polls: Running polls manually works best for boosting engagement (e.g. “Which of these books is your favorite?”)
  • Questions: Pose simple, basic questions that your followers can answer quickly.
  • Link to a controversial blog post: There’s nothing better for eliciting engagement than a little controversy.
  • ‘Caption this’: Post a photo and ask your fans to come up with creative or funny captions.
  • Guilt posts: come and support this because… 
  • Quotes inspiring/motivational: Humorous, inspiring or motivational quotes always perform well
  • Statistics or data: Share new, relevant industry statistics (these perform great in terms of retweets and shares)
  • Respond to a tag or mention: See who’s been trying to get your attention and respond to them in a post.
  • Encourage your followers to support a cause: Post a link to an online fundraiser (and contribute to it yourself).
  • Share a funny commercial: Post a commercial that would be appeal to your fans or followers.
  • Link to a guest post: Share (or re-share) a link to a post you contributed to another site.
  • Recommend someone else to follow on social media: Share a link to someone else’s social media profile and encourage your fans to ‘like’ or follow them.
  • Promote someone else’s sale: promotions/neighboughood/event: Share a link to a coupon or sale from a complimentary (not competing) business.
  • Share country-specific holidays: (national whatever day): Wish your followers from around the world happy holidays (a full list of worldwide holidays can be found here).
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