Collaborative Community Calendar

By using the same Collaborative Calendar, a community works smarter and helps to ensure they don’t book their event on the same day as someone else. Collectively, event organizers work together to sell more tickets, increase event participation, raise more money and build awareness for their events and their brand.


At a snapd event? With the snapd app you can easily upload your photos right to the snapd web site. Get YOUR photos published and share your photos with the community — by using the snapd app. Your photos will be featured on the snapd website, on our social media channels, and could even be featured in your local snapd paper!

Free Business Webinars

We’ve donated over $1 billion in positive PR to local businesses and organizations and created thousands of effective marketing campaigns. Learn how to be a more effective business, build your brand, build better websites and ads, and get a more effective presence on social media!

Creating Your Events

91% of snapd’s audience say they would support a local business that sponsors and/or supports local events. With over 2 million events in our system, snapd is the event expert. Check out some ideas to get more exposure and teach people who you are beyond the products and services you sell.

Marketing Your Events

Creating events is one thing, getting people to come to those events is another. Learn how to properly promote your events to increase participation, raise more money, and sell more tickets!