frequently asked questions

event organizers

Why should I use online ticketing?
  1. You can create an online database to market your events to an already engaged group of previous ticket buyers
  2. You can use other tools like social media and email to connect your audience directly to a link to buy tickets right away
  3. You spend no money on design, delivery & printing of physical tickets
  4. You can set up early ticket sales to help plan for food, venue capacity, event logistics, door prizes etc
  5. You get a more efficient online system accessible anywhere (on mobile & laptop) to monitor sales & attendees
  6. There is no need for a ticket buyer and ticket seller to arrange meetings for ticket purchases
  7. Your volunteer hours are put to better use > raising funds and awareness vs. selling tickets on the street
  8. You get happier ticket buyers (no lines, no extra trips)
  9. You get better financials and analytics for your next event
  10. You’ll have a bigger attendance year after year utilizing a growing database of attendees
  11. You spend your time motivating your team and following up vs juggling ticket sales with multiple volunteers
  12. You avoid loss of sales “at the door” because of weather, last minute change of plans etc
How do I set up a ticketed event?
  1. Sign up to your local snapd website, answer account activation email, log in, click “submit an event” and enter your event title, date(s) and details
  2. Enter your ticket details (ticket type, ticket quantity, tax options, charitable receipts etc) see for tutorial
  3. Set up potential Early Bird incentives like lower price or entry into a draw for prizes for early ticket buyers
  4. Preview your event, accept terms & conditions and submit it to the public site
How do I edit my event details after it has been submitted?

You can edit your event title, description, whether it is public/private, and your # of tickets for sale. To edit this info in your submission follow these steps:

  1. Log in to snapd
  2. Go to MY EVENTS (menu at top)
  3. Click UPDATE (underneath your event listing)
  4. Update information (change title or description/mark private/public/cancel event/adjust ticket quantity etc)
  5. Click Save to update the info

Because photographers and ticket holders may have been notified of your event already, you cannot change dates/times/venue. If these are incorrect and need to be changed – see ‘How do I cancel an event with Tickets?’

How do I cancel an event with Tickets?

WARNING: Cancelling an event will refund ALL ticket orders. If you have tickets sold, and are changing venue, you are best to 1. stop the sales of tickets 2. mark your event as PRIVATE (to remove it from public view) and 3. notify all current ticket holders of the new event information. Only cancel an event listing (with Tickets) if the event is in fact cancelled (due to weather, poor attendance etc). If you made a mistake in the submission or need to change the venue follow these steps:

  1. Log in to snapd
  2. Go to MY EVENTS (menu at top)
  3. Click UPDATE (underneath your event listing)
  4. Mark event as PRIVATE (removing it from public view)
  5. Change all ticket type quantities to 0 (zero)
  6. Click Save to update the info
  7. Go back to MY EVENTS (menu at top)
  9. Download your ATTENDEE LIST spreadsheet
  10. Copy the email addresses and notify your attendees of the change (in event time, location, or date etc) and that their tickets will still be honoured at the door. This will help people, who have already paid, not go through the process again and potentially losing sales.
  11. Set up your new event with correct information
  12. Send new event link out to everyone again, including previous ticket holders, and mention old tickets will be honoured at that date
How do I cancel an event without Tickets?

You can delete your submission by following these steps:

  1. Log in to snapd
  2. Go to MY EVENTS (menu at top)
  3. Click UPDATE (underneath your event listing)
  4. Cancel event
  5. Click “YES, I agree”
  6. Click Save to update the info

cost & payout

Is there a charge to me or my business to set up snapd TIX?

There is NO charge to an event organizer using snapd TIX. You receive 100% of your ticket revenue.

Do the ticket buyers pay a fee, if so how much?

A convenience charge is applied to each ticket that is purchased. This cost is rolled into the ticket buyer’s charges. The convenience fee is a sliding scale based on the price of the ticket (including admin/transactional charges (i.e. $5 ticket with fee = $5.77, $10 ticket with fee = $11.78, $50 ticket with fee = $54.44, $100 ticket with fee = $107.77)

How do people pay for their tickets?

A ticket buyer can use all major credit cards to purchase tickets online

As an event organizer, how do I get paid my ticket revenue?

You will receive an email after your event (the day of up to 5 business days after) from snapd confirming the address for payment. We will send a cheque for the full amount of your tickets to that address

reports & ticket check in (at the event)

How do I check and monitor my ongoing ticket sales?

To check how your sales are doing: Log in to the snapd website, click MY EVENTS view SALES REPORT or ATTENDEES to view sales in real time and the exact list of attendees. Edit the amount of tickets available, change the names on tickets etc through the UPDATE option


Checking in Tickets

You can use your mobile device to scan QR Codes at your event location! Download snapd TIX’s app, open it up, click “Scan Ticket” and your guest is digitally checked in!

You can also have a back-up system as well Before your event, click MY EVENTS view SALES REPORT or ATTENDEES & download reports in a csv (excel) spreadsheet to check event attendees off manually at your event

ticket buyers

Why do I need to sign up as a snapd user to get tickets?

After buying a ticket the system needs to deliver you an electronic version of that ticket as a pdf file. The system needs your email to do this. You also need an account to be able to reprint lost tickets, or bring up your purchase history. Having an account helps you do this on your own without calling tech support.

selling more tickets

How do I share, market & sell more tickets?
  1. You can share your event url link through: email & social media, by posting the link to your (and your supporters) websites
  2. You can connect with snapd team to get some additional marketing support (free online ads, print calendar listings, free Facebook posts, event videos)
  3. Start to engage a team of local partners, Board of Directors, volunteers, sponsors, 3rd party supporters/partners, friends & family to begin sharing the event through social media and email
  4. Make sure to schedule ongoing reminders and motivational messages to the team to keep sharing